Rev. John Dillon - Pastor
Lee Ekstrom - Clerk of Session
Sherri Dees - Music Director
Raechel Sowa - Youth Ministries Coordinator
Kim Stewart - Office & Website Administrator

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Other Areas of Ministry and Team Coordinators



Office Hours: Monday - Thursday: 9am - Noon
Mailing Address: Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church
8505 Church Street
Crystal Lake, IL 60012

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Class of 2020
Mike Griswold
Patrick Cameron
Pam Palmer
Paula Viner
Class of 2020
Class of 2021
Nancy Delware
Tom Lafontaine
George Steffen
Deb Steele
Class of 2022
Mike Harvey
Mary Finch
Mike Rugh
Class of 2020
Cindy Harvey
Laurie Jensen
Kathy Rabe
Barb Dolmon
Class of 2021
Jodi Iddings
Sue Neuschel
Diane Terlep
Carol Richardson
Class of 2022
Nancy Blakely
Allison Larsen
Margie Natividad
Louise Dillon
Naomi Stange - Youth Elder

Nancy Delware
George Steffen

Audit Committee
Gretchen Holder (2020)
Todd LeFevre (2021)
Linda Peel (2022)

Building & Grounds
Mike Harvey

Mary Finch (Session)
Lou Rabe
Lori Thompson

Christian Education
Paula Viner
Patrick Cameron
Pam Palmer
Mike Rugh

Finance & Stewardship
Mike Griswold

Deb Steele

Mission Team
Mary Finch
Tom Lafontaine
Mike Rugh

Nominating Committee
George Steffen (Session)
Nancy Delware (Session)
Kathy Rabe (Deacon)
Joan Jensema (2020)
Jim Bauman (2020)
Tiffany Hess (2021)
Cindy Theobald (2021)

Presbytery Voting Elder
Mike Rugh

Corporate Officers
President - Patrick Cameron
Vice President - Mary Finch
Secretary/Clerk - Lee Ekstrom
Treasurer - David Woodruff
Financial Secretary - Laurie Jensen

JC Button Group Rep
Mike Griswold (Session)
Tom Lilly (2020)
Lou Rabe (2021)
Jim Zid (2022)
Deacons Moderator - Cindy Harvey
Vice Moderator - Allison Larsen
Caring and Assistance - Louise Dillon/Barb Dolmon
Communications (Recording Secretary) - Margie Natividad
Fellowship - Carol Richardson, Nancy Blakely
Caring Card ministry - Allison Larsen
Greeters (worship services) - Diane Terlep
Coffee and Cookies - Cindy Harvey
Welcoming Ministry - Jodi Iddings
Special Events/Receptions - Laurie Jensen
Funerals/Memorial Services - Sue Neuschel
Membership Involvement - Kathy Rabe

Other Group Coordinators:
    RCLPC 1+ Options Group - Margie Natividad
    Tuesday Morning Book Group - Sharon Ray
    Men's Breakfast Group - Rick Pohl and Jim Bauman