earth "The earth is the Lord's and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it."
Psalm 24: 1
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RCLPC is an Earth Care Congregation
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2016 McHenry County Green Guide

Illinois Solar Tour

The Illinois Solar Tour on Saturday
October 7th, 2017 10am-3pm

Over 120 home and business owners with renewable energy installations from all over Illinois will have their installations on display. Many sites will have owners available to share with the public their passion, knowledge and experience of owning and living with renewable energy. Examples of renewable energy to see: solar electric, solar thermal, small wind, geothermal, passive solar design and electric cars and EV charging stations. Visit any site at any time between 10am and 3pm. For information about locations, types of renewables at a site and to register: ~ Earth Care Team

Green Team Summit Workshop
Sunday, October 15, 9AM - 5PM
LOCATION: The Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60605

Green Team WorkshopJoin people of diverse faiths from across Illinois for an action-packed day of connecting and learning about climate justice. We'll give you the tools, resources, and inspiration needed to spark meaningful change in your community.

Event is FREE but space is limited! Please register online: Questions? Contact Veronica Kyle 312.733.4640 Ext. 114 or

Check here for more information about the workshops.

battery recycling

New Opportunity Offered to RCLPC Community! Battery Recycling.

Bring your alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries to church for recycling. The white Battery Recycling bucket is located in the center stairwell. The batteries will be taken to local recycling locations.

Faith in Place: Faithful People Caring for the Earth

Green Living Tips

These tips brought to you by the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County. Find them at www.MCDEF.ORG.

Give Clothing a Second Chance
At the change of the seasons, it's a good time to assess what you need and what might be useful for someone else. Go through your home to gather clothes and blankets that you can spare and donate them to your local shelter. Just think how many people your clothes and blankets can help keep safe and warm! Americans discard an average of 68 pounds of clothes every year, so by donating your clothing, blankets, bedding, towels and other textiles to charity, you can give them a second use before they head to the landfill. Choose a charity that is close to your heart, or visit the Environmental Defenders monthly drive. USAgain Clothes Collection System has a truck at each Defenders' drive to accept any kind of cloth items-clothing, linens, or just plain rags, clean and bagged. They will also accept shoes, tied together by their laces and placed in the bag.
When: Second Saturday of every month, 9am to noon; check Defenders' website for location

Outdoor Clean-Up
Each fall as homeowners tackle the job of raking leaves, clearing gardens, and cleaning yard debris, a lot of noise and pollution is created. In fact, one gas-powered leaf blower can emit as much pollution as 80 cars! Instead choose hand-powered or electric tools over gas. Rakes are effective, and cheaper than using a leaf blower. Plus, you get a chance to burn some extra calories! If you need a power tool for a hard to reach spot (like your roof, or in between shrubbery), try an electric leaf blower rather than a gasoline-powered one. Electric leaf blowers are usually quieter, more energy-efficient, and get the job done just as well as their high-powered counterparts.

Second-Hand Shopping
One of the easiest ways to go green is to shop and donate at consignment stores and second-hand shops. Here in our area we have options for furniture, appliances, clothing, children's, and everyday needs. Donate your better used and more current styled items to a consignment shop, whether it's clothing or furniture. Or choose a favorite charity to support such as Habitat for Humanity. They accept construction materials, home goods, appliances and tools. Home of the Sparrow, Goodwill, and many other places support our neighbors in need. Books can be donated too. The Defenders' "Green Spot" is a used book store that's open daily. Most any item you have that needs a new home can be used again, and when you patronize a second hand or consignment shop, you are doing good for the environment by making sure items get used up before they get tossed, reducing the need to make new things which conserves energy. You are also supporting local businesses, which is good for the economy. And don't underestimate the fun of the search and the satisfaction of doing good for organizations that struggle for every dollar.

Green Wednesdays

McHenry County Green Drinks Networking
Green Wednesdays

In McHenry County, the first Wednesday of each month is Green Wednesday! Time to gather to discuss environmental topics, plus reconnect with eco-friends and make new ones. Join us at Duke's Alehouse & Kitchen, 110 N Main Street in Crystal Lake. The event is upstairs at Duke's from 5-7pm. Head upstairs for info and inspiration, business and pleasure.

Come talk about "greening" the future with others. Additional parking is available at the train station.

Upcoming Green Drinks Topics:

Future Programs:
November 1 - The owners of Alden Hills Farm located near Walworth, WI and a supplier for Duke's Alehouse & Kitchen will be our guests! Their Organic farm focuses on the soil up to provide the healthiest and highest quality pasture raised products. We hope to learn what that means to you and your family.

Check the weblink at for additional information about upcoming green topics.

The McHenry County Green Drinks is apart of an international network of over 600 Green Drinks groups throughout the world.These events are very simple and unstructured, but many people have found employment, made friends, developed new ideas, and had moments of serendipity.

Prayer for the Earth
God, we thank you that in the vastness of your creation, there is something special about the beauty of this earth. Breathe your Holy Spirit into us so that we may grow in a sense of wonder and proclaim to be good all that you have made. Amen.
~ source unknown