Welcome to RCLPC's Virtual Fiesta Agua Viva

This fundraiser supports communities in Guatemala where RCLPC has installed pure water systems that help improve the health of children and their families, and raises funds for an additional site that has requested help to provide a system for their community.

Living Waters for the World
Living Waters for the World mission teams empower their partners to provide clean,
sustainable water and health education for their communities.

Buy-A-Part / Be-A-Part

This system is designed to filter and disinfect up to
300 gallons of water per hour for bottling purposes.
It can serve a community of 300 to 1000 people daily.
A complete system costs $2,950.
Below you can Buy A Part to Be a Part of the next water system installation.
Consider making a monetary donation for a part of our next water system.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the "Quantity" drop down menu under each part, and then click on the amount you would like to make a donation toward. Once you have made your selection(s), then type in your name (required) and contact info. Click on the "Submit 'Buy-A-Part' Donations" button after you have made all your selections. This will give you a list of parts and the total amount you are donating toward.

water system

Ozonator Kit
Ozonator Kit
1A - $840
water Tank
Water Tank
1B - $250
Water Pump
Water Pump
1C - $250
Ozonator Spare Parts Kit
Ozonator Spare
Parts Kit
1D - $230
Flow Meter
Flow Meter
1E - $195
Board to Tank PVC Fittings
Board to Tank
PVC Fittings
2A - $106
Electrical Kit
Electrical Kit

2B - $100
Big Blue 0.5 Micron Filter
Big Blue 0.5
Micron Filter
2C - $99
Cold Water Meter with Connector
Cold Water Meter
w/ Connector
2D - $98
Pressure Gauge
Pressure Gauge

2E - $81
Sediment Filter with Housing
Sediment Filter
with Housing
3A - $80
Big Blue 5 Micron Filter
Big Blue 5
Micron Filter
3B - $63
3C - $56
Whirly Pak Bacteriological Test Kit
Whirly Pak
Test Kit
3D - $55
Big Blue 20 Head & Canister
Big Blue 20 Filter
Head & Canister
3E - $52
Hach 5B Hardness Test Kit
Hach_5B Hardness
Test Kit
4A - $28
Brackets w/ Bolts for Big Blue Filter
Brackets w/ Bolts
for Big Blue Filter
4B - $25
Sediment Filter
4C - $23
TDS Meter
TDS Meter

4D - $22
Gorilla PVC Glue
PVC Glue
4E - $17
Ozone Injector
Ozone Injector
5A - $9
Water Works Test Strips
Water Works
Test Strips
5B - $8
O-Ring for Sediment Filter
O-Ring for
Sediment Filter
5C - $8
Bottle Seals (500 pkg)
Bottle Seals
(500 pkg)
5D - $7
Big Blue Wrench
Big Blue Wrench
5E - $7
Clear PVC Pipe
Clear PVC Pipe

6A - $5
PVC Union Ball Valve
PVC Union
Ball Valve
6B - $5
O-Ring for Big Blue
O-Ring for
Big Blue
6C - $4
Check Valve
Check Valve

6D - $3
PVC Union
PVC Union

6E - $1
Lubricant and Sealant
and Sealant
7A - $1
PVC Fittings Kit
PVC Fittings Kit
with Manual
7B - $265