RCLPC in Ministry This Week
Sunday, December 10 - Saturday, December 16


10:00Intergenerational Advent Activities


12:00Jubilation Youth Choir practice
Monday7:00Mission Team
Tuesday10:00Book Discussion Group

7:00McHenry County Climate Lobby
Wednesday7:00Adult Choir practice
Thursday10:00Women's Bible Study

Saturday8:00 - 11:00HS Christmas Clearing House

9:00 - 11:30Choir Cantata practice

Slides for Announcements

Please remember these people in your prayers

for healing and recovery of ongoing health concerns:
Sarah DeRubis, daughter of friend of Cathy Christensen; John Dillon's daughter-in-law, Sheila Dillon; Bruce Randall; Ngirine Parish, our partner parish in Kenya; Bruce Randall's mother; Micky Woodruff; Dave Steele's cousin, Rick and his wife Chris; Karl Dencker; Marge Stewart's son, Thomas; Cindy Borre's son, John; Ann Poremba's friend, Barb; Ken Miller; Cindy Borre's friend, Joan Larkin; John and Dorothy Fankhauser; Olivia Harrison's granddaughter, Abby; Glenn Bereiter; Carol Hoefer's mother, Edith; Jim Iddings

for families dealing with difficult life choices:
immigrant detainees and their families

for our troops:
all of our troops and their families

for our friends around the world:
El Saray Church and Fairhaven School in Egypt; Rev. Hani Jack and family; Christians and Muslims in community together; Ngirine Parish, our partner parish in Kenya; Living Waters partners in Guatemala; PC(USA) Mission Co-Worker, Cesar Carhuachin, in Colombia

Christmas Eve Poinsettias
If you would like to order flowers for our Christmas Eve services, please make sure to get your order in by this Sunday, December 10th, or you can call in at 815.459.1132 or email your flower order in to the church office at admin@rclpc.org before noon on Monday, December 11th. Please see attached order form.

Christmas Eve Services - Sunday, December 24
10:00 AM - Advent/Christmas Eve Family Service
7:30 & 9:30 PM - Christmas Eve Candlelight Services

New Year's Eve Service - Sunday, December 31
10:00 AM ONLY

"Fill the Gap"
Just a reminder to please return the pledge card mailed out (or pledge now with the online version). Pledges continue to be turned in. Please consider turning your pledge in ASAP. Current progress for "Fill the Gap" is: Pledged Time: 2004 hours; Pledges Received: 91 (92%). Blessings to each and all, Your Stewardship Team: Pastor John Dillon  Lee Ekstrom  Mary Finch  Mike Griswold
(The online pledge card may be found at: rclpc.org/pledgeCard2018.html)

Offering Envelope Renumbering
The Finance Team will be renumbering the offering envelopes for 2018. The action will likely provide a new contribution number for each member. So why are we going to provide a new offering envelope number for everyone? By doing so, we will reduce the number of boxes we purchase and also reduce the quantity of boxes we throw out to recycle each year. The impact to RCLPC is to reduce the number of boxes purchased by 90 and the purchase cost by $265. The reason we got to this position is the fluctuation of church membership over 50 years resulting in the assignment of envelope numbers and gaps we no longer need.

The renumbering will happen after the December 31st recording of member giving. The new contribution numbers and numbered offering box sets will be available January 7th. Please start using your new assigned contribution number after December 31st as an account number for all giving, especially on bank checks and online giving.

The Finance Team understands the emotional stress to those that have had the same number for a long time. Understand this action is better for the environment and the budget. If you have any questions, ask your Finance Team. Lee Ekstrom, Mike Griswold, Al Popp, Kim Stewart, Steve Connell, Laurie Jensen, David Woodruff

Flower Chart for 2018
The new flower chart for Sunday worship is up and ready to be filled in. Please sign up on the chart on the window next to the staff office. Thank you.

Session Highlights - November 27, 2017

  • Rev. John Dillon Moderator
  • Approved Session Meeting Minutes from October 23, 2017
  • Approved Hudson River Overture for Fossil Fuel divesture of Board of Pensions and PC9USA) Foundation investments
  • Reviewed October Financial Report
  • Reviewed 2018 Preliminary Budget
  • Approved account name changes for Job Description changes and Coins for Kenya dedicated account
  • Approved Youth Group Souper Bowl Fundraiser on February 4, 2018
  • Accepted the Job Description as written for the Coordinator of Youth Ministries
  • Discussed the Risk Management Team and assigned the Risk Management Team to the Administration Team
  • Reviewed status of Stewardship "Fill the Gap" program
  • Approved Madelyn Allison and Michael Allison as Food Pantry Board Members for RCLPC
  • Announced that all team 2017 Annual Reports are due by December 15th
  • Approved Membership Roll changes
  • Approved Building and Grounds Team to determine the licensing need for the church elevator
  • Approved next meeting to be December 18, 2017

Planning for Lent and Easter - All are Welcome!
Does it drive you mad when stores start promoting Christmas before Thanksgiving arrives? Or Easter before Christmas is over? It sure annoys me! However, at church we do need to plan ahead ... so on Monday, January 8th, from 7:00-8:30pm, one and all are invited to join together for a Lent and Easter Planning event. We will read the scriptures and pray and brainstorm, and dream about how RCLPC can best celebrate the Season and build towards a glorious celebration of the Resurrection. Scripture texts for the Lenten and Easter season are available and can be provided to you, upon request, ahead of the meeting. Members of every team are already planning to be there, but we need and want YOU to be involved. I would be happy to answer any questions and invite you please to come and join us. ~ Pastor John

Intergenerational Invitation
During Advent each week we invite you to join us for an hour of intergenerational activities to help you prepare for the birth of Christ. This time will include fellowship, fun, and learning. Take an hour for worship to focus your mind and the hour between services to immerse yourself in the story. This second week of Advent we will be focusing on the characters of Mary and Elizabeth. We will prepare drums for the 10:00am family Christmas Eve worship service, help Mary and Elizabeth with their baking and preparations, and give baby Jesus a bed of kindness to lie upon.

Acts of Kindness
We want Jesus to sleep on a bed of kindness this year, so for each random act of kindness you do this week, we would like you to add a piece of hay to his manger. Can't wait to hear about the acts of kindness. If you need some ideas, the Mission's Team has put together a number of ways you can help. We will see you next Sunday for baking with Mary and Elizabeth!

Sunday Morning Fellowship Time
Sunday mornings, from 10:00-10:50am, the deacons sponsor a coffee hour fellowship opportunity for all congregation members in Fellowship Hall. It's a good time to relax and socialize, both for those who attended the 9:00 service and for those arriving early for the 11:00 service. Once a month during the school year, a wonderful team graciously hosts Brewed Awakenings during this fellowship time. That leaves lots of opportunities for others to volunteer to make coffee and provide a snack. All of the coffee-making supplies are provided, and cleanup is done at 10:50 to allow volunteers to attend the 11:00 service if they wish. We truly appreciate those who regularly volunteer! Can you help out one Sunday? A sign-up sheet is located in the basket next to the coffee machine in Fellowship Hall, with available dates through the end of December. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Cindy Harvey

Do You Like Coffee and Cookies?
The Sunday morning fellowship hour needs volunteers to make coffee and provide snacks on an occasional basis. If you can help one Sunday, please add your name to the sign-up sheet near the coffee station. Directions will be sent to you the week before your date to host. Questions? Call or e-mail Cindy Harvey. Thanks!!

Coffee, Flower Dedication Sign-up Sheets
Please take a look at the Fellowship hour coffee sign-up sheet near the coffee station in Fellowship Hall. Your chance to make lots of people very happy on Sunday mornings! Also, the flower dedication sheet is hanging in the window of the staff office. Sign up now to dedicate blooms in honor, memory or in celebration of a special person, date or ... just because! Flowers may be then taken home after the last Sunday service, or will be brought to someone on our prayer list.

Keep Hope Alive Olive Tree Certificates
If you purchased the sponsorship of an olive tree to be planted in Palestine, your honoree certificates are now available. Please see Alice Haznedl or arrange to pick it up at the church office. If you did not have an opportunity to sponsor an olive tree, you may still do so. See Alice or contact her.

Help RCLPC Living Waters for the World (LWW) Team
Fund a Water System for a New Community in Guatemala

A table has been set up in Fellowship Hall inviting you to make Christmas gift contributions to this project, honoring friends and family. We are providing gift cards to send to those you honor, helping them appreciate the gift you are giving in their behalf. Please help us give clean and safe water to these people, their children, and the communities to which they minister.

Coins for Kenya
Your spare change can bring life-giving assistance to starving people in Kenya through Blackhawk Presbytery's Coins for Kenya program. Just bring any spare change you may have to church at any time and put it in one of the labeled jars which are located in Fellowship Hall, the Connecting Link and in the sitting area outside the church office. Those coins will then be sent to Blackhawk and combined with coins from other churches in the presbytery. Presbytery, in turn, sends the accumulated total from all their churches to the Imenti Presbyteries in Kenya.

The money is used to purchase food for starving people in drought stricken areas of the country. In January of 2017 Blackhawk sent a 9-person delegation to Kenya. At that time, Coins for Kenya had raised $4,154. So, the Blackhawk and Imenti volunteers purchased two truckloads of food, which they distributed in two different locations. The people who were given that food live in the Northern part of Kenya where severe drought has made it impossible to grow anything for a very long time. The recipients were extremely grateful not only for the nourishment, but also to realize that someone knows and cares about their plight.

RCLPC Living Waters for the World
Check the RCLPC Living Waters Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rclpclww/ for daily prayer requests and photos. If you "like" the page, you will receive the posts. The RCLPC blog at https://rclpc.wordpress.com/category/rclpc-in-mission/ has daily updates on the health and hygiene education and installation work that was done in Jerez.

Check Out the Fair Trade Cart
At RCLPC we have an opportunity to purchase fair trade products from the self-serve coffee Cart and Zatoun olive oil display in Fellowship Hall. Coffee, tea, and olive oil are regularly available. A new order will be placed in October, and we are always glad to order your favorite tea, chocolate, or coffee. Send an email to Lois Johnson if you'd like us to stock something particular. Each purchase helps ensure that fair prices are paid to farmers, allowing them to send their children to school and plan for a more certain future. ~ Mission Team

Palestinian Olive Oil
We have 750 ml bottles for $20 and 500 ml bottles for $15. Try it with Za'atar (thyme herb mix). Za'atar is $5 a package. Enjoy the delicious taste and the pleasure of helping Palestinian farmers. Look for it in Fellowship Hall near the Fair Trade coffee cart.

Food Pantry Work Schedule 2017
Please mark your calendars: These are all Wednesdays
Dec 27

Calling Cards
A way to share the good news about what's going on at RCLPC are Calling Cards listing church contact information and a sampling of our missions. These cards are available for the congregation. Look for them in holders around the church. Please take a few and hand them out whenever you find an opportunity. ~ Mission Team

Mission Partners
QR code to mission site You will find a directory of Mission Partners in the pew racks. It offers a central place to read about RCLPC's missions and their role in our common life. The directory introduces you to the many ways "we go in grace... to serve God's people in every place life leads us." A digital version of this booklet, including links to our partners' websites, can be found here on our church website - just click on the "Mission Partners" button, or you can scan the QR Code here to view at your convenience. ~ Mission Outreach Ministry

I Gave On-Line
Notice the giving cards in the pew racks? The cards describe the different ways you can give online to RCLPC. They also act as a tangible item to place in the offering plate for those who elect to give online. If you make financial gifts directly to RCLPC by check or cash, you are encouraged to continue. But if online giving is more convenient, please note that you can set up online banking, or go through the church website at www.rclpc.org, or use the QR code. Whichever you choose, please be sure to include your RCLPC contributor number with every gift.

QR Code for On-line giving

On-Line Giving RCLPC now offers an on-line giving opportunity.
Scan the QR Code to take you to our web page to donate on-line at your convenience.
Please use your contributor number in the note box.

Guide to Giving at RCLPC
At Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church (RCLPC), we live in a circle of generosity. Whether it's serving, leading, sharing in fellowship, or placing financial gifts in the offering plate, the evidence is all around us. Time, talents, financial resources all given freely in response to God's gift of grace. Because a new avenue is available for giving to meet financial needs, the variety of ways to give to the General Fund are listed here:

  • Personal checks/cash directly to RCLPC
  • Online banking (billpay) - Your bank sends a check drawn from your funds.
  • Online giving through church website at www.rclpc.org - Click on "Giving to RCLPC" to be directed to the General Fund through our partnership with Presbyterian Mission Exchange.
  • QR code - Readable barcode directs givers to RCLPC's General Fund through Presbyterian Mission Exchange

Using Presbyterian Mission Exchange:

  • A receipt, which you need to keep for tax purposes, will be emailed to you directly by the Exchange. When giving online, direct transfer is preferred.

If you are interested in giving online, look for a how-to handout on the ushers' tables. Contact the church office if you need more information. Whatever way you choose to give, please include your RCLPC contributor number. It serves as your account number. Let's continue the journey in RCLPC's circle of generosity. You are invited to give as you are able. Stewardship and Finance Teams

There are new hearing assistant devices and large print bulletins available to those who may need them. Please ask an usher for assistance.

Outside the double doors and down at the bottom of the stairs from the sanctuary, there are some beanie babies for children to take in with them to worship. There are also some clipboards with coloring pages and crayons attached. We hope that the beanie babies and clipboards will help your children be excited about coming to worship.

Prayer chain requests are now being done through the office. Please call the office at 815-459-1132 or email the request to office@rclpc.org. Please specify whether the request is confidential or can be shared with the congregation.

picture of the churchMany announcements and sign-up opportunities can be found in the Connecting Link, the hallway inside the front glass doors leading to the Fellowship Hall. It serves to connect you with resources and opportunities. Check out the Connecting Link!.

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Church Office Hours are 9am - Noon; Monday - Thursday