RCLPC in Ministry This Week
Sunday, August 20 - Saturday, August 26


9:00- 11:00 Vacation Bible School

10:00Adult Ed in Lounge

10:00Fellowship in Courtyard

Tuesday10:00Book Discussion Group (Lounge)

Thursday10:00Women's Bible Study

7:00Band practice


Slides for Announcements

News Now
Statement on Charlottesville
from the
Office of Public Witness

Please remember these people in your prayers

for dealing with the death of a loved one:
Jac Kelewae and family, death of Jac's brother Gene

Note of thanks from Jac Kelewae
My brother Gene died early Saturday morning, August 12th. He mentioned a number of times how much he appreciated the prayers and support from our congregation. His last moments were with his family at home and in relative comfort. Both Sarah and I are very grateful for the prayers and support of this congregation during the last four years of his battle with cancer. Jac Kelewae

for healing and recovery of ongoing health concerns:
Roger Pohl, brother of Laura Bauman and Rick Pohl; Bruce Randall; Bill Morefield; Leanna and Ron Miller's son-in-law, John; David and Cindy Theobald's friend, Sandy Ferrari; Micky Woodruff; Ed Waters; Jan Brandt; Dave Steele's cousin, Rick and his wife Chris; Marge Stewart's son, Thomas; Cindy Borre's son, John; Ann Poremba's friend, Barb; Ken Miller; Cindy Borre's friend, Janet Smith & Joan Larkin (Janet's mother); John Fankhauser; Olivia Harrison's granddaughter, Abby; Glenn Bereiter; Carol Hoefer's mother, Edith; Jim Iddings

for families dealing with difficult life choices:
immigrant detainees and their families

for our troops:
all of our troops and their families

for our friends in Egypt:
Rev. Gendi and Samiha; El Saray Church; Fairhaven School; Rev. Hani Jack and family; Christians and Muslims in community together

SAVE THE DATE - Church Picnic at Veteran Acres Park Main Pavilion (by the splash pad)
Join us at Veteran Acres Park, Crystal Lake, on August 27, 2017 at 10:00 am for outside worship followed by our church picnic/potluck. Hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, buns, condiments, beverages, paper goods, and plastic ware will be provided. Please bring a dish to share, and lawn chairs for additional seating.

The CPJ Team is passing along the following statement from the PC(USA) Stated Clerk to you...
PC(USA) Leaders August 14 Statement on Charlottesville

In the aftermath of the events of August 11 and 12 in Charlottesville, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) reaffirms its condemnation of white supremacy and racism, names them as sin, and renews its commitment to disrupting them and working for justice and equity.

We give thanks for the presence and faithful witness of church members who stand against white supremacy and racism. Individually and collectively the church, including Presbyterians, stood against hate in Charlottesville. Individually and collectively the church, including Presbyterians, works to disrupt racism and to build racial equity in places across the country. We grieve for Heather Heyer, who was killed while standing witness; we grieve for state police officers H. Jay Cullen and Berke Bates, who died in a helicopter crash while monitoring events in Charlottesville; we pray for the recovery of all who were injured.

We acknowledge that Scripture has been misused to justify white supremacy and racism. However, we proclaim that the Bible's message presents a far more consistent and insistent witness to God's love for diversity and justice. This may be observed in God's delight in the varied creation; heard in the words of prophets who reject oppression and commend justice as true worship; seen in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, who values all persons regardless of any aspect of their identity; and experienced through the work of the Holy Spirit, who consistently blows through all the divisions we create, to reveal God's love for all humanity.

White supremacy and racism stand in stark, irreconcilable contradiction to God's intention for humanity. They reject part of the human family and are utterly contrary to God's Word made incarnate in Jesus. They are idolatries that elevate human-created hierarchies over God's freely given grace and love. They are lies about the human family, for they seek to say that some people are less than other people. They are lies about God because they falsely claim that God favors some people over the entirety of creation.

But as we give thanks, we acknowledge the church's complicity in the creation of white supremacy and racism. We confess the church's failure in challenging and disrupting white supremacy and racism. Too often we have accepted the status quo. Too often we have stood silent in the face of injustice and oppression.

By God's grace may we remember the events in Charlottesville; repent of our acquiescence and failures; and renew our commitment to proclaim and live the good news of Jesus Christ. May that commitment lead us to stand against, speak against and work against racism and white supremacy, this day and every day. May it be so. Amen.

Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, II

Tony De La Rosa
Interim Executive Director - Presbyterian Mission Agency

Rev. T. Denise Anderson & Rev. Dr. Jan Edmiston
Co-Moderators of the 222nd General Assembly (2016)

10 AM Sunday Education Offering: Delayed in the Twilight Zone...
We were just about to leave "The Zone" when one more episode loomed before us. We'll be viewing "Walking Distance" which was written by Rod Serling and first aired on October 30, 1959. After the show, we'll discuss its religious themes and connections. Location: The Lounge

In and Around Our Community...

In Celebration of the 500-Year Anniversary of the Reformation
Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World
September 13 - 7:00 PM
Woodstock Classic Cinemas
Sponsored by St. John's Lutheran Church, Woodstock
Tickets are $7 and must be purchased in advance. Contact Ruth Zielke at 815 245 0353 or by email zielkeruth@gmail.com to purchase tickets.

Come Meet Your Neighbor: "A Gathering to Support, Honor, and Respect All People"
September 24 - 4:00 PM
Potluck, Drumming, and Building Community
Bring a Vegetarian Dish to Pass
McHenry County College, Conference Center, Building B, 8900 US Highway 14, Crystal Lake, Il 60012

RCLPC - Bernotas Middle School Partnership
Helping to Meet the Needs of Crystal Lake Families

Each school in District 47 has been matched with a local church congregation in an effort to create partnerships between schools and churches in the community. Each partnership may look very different and is intended to develop to meet the specific needs of families at each school. District 47 expresses their thanks to all the churches that are participating in this project.

RCLPC has been matched with Bernotas Middle School and an immediate need was identified during the initial meeting with their social workers. Each year, the social workers provide various school supplies to students that are unable to obtain supplies on their own. In some cases, a complete set of supplies are provided including a backpack; and in other cases, extra items are provided as needed. An abundance of donated backpacks are available, but the stash of supplies is depleted. Over the next couple of months, we will be collecting supplies to replenish this stash, so that the items are available when they are needed. Please check the gathering place for more information about the collection and how to help.

Christian Education Contest
It is contest time and YOU can win the prize of your choice: a reserved parking spot from September 17 - November 26, or a $25 gift card to the establishment of your choosing. All you have to do is rename our K-8th Sunday School program. Yes, Sunday's are for learning and having fun at church, but learning and fun can take place any day of the week which is why we want to rename our program. What fun names can you think of? From August 1-August 31 submit your ideas to youthleader@rclpc.org or place your entry in the offering plate (using the forms located in each pew). On September 10, a voting booth will be set up in Fellowship Hall and the congregation will decide the new name. The winning name and creative congregational member will be announced on September 17; don't delay, rename today.

Save the Dates
September 10 - Kick-Off Sunday
September 24 - Confirmation Sunday

Sunday School News
Sunday school will resume in the fall. Stay tuned for information to follow about the exciting programs that will be offered in the fall.

Do You Like Coffee and Cookies?
The Sunday morning fellowship hour needs volunteers to make coffee and provide snacks on an occasional basis. If you can help one Sunday this summer, please add your name to the sign-up sheet near the coffee station. Directions will be sent to you the week before your date to host. Questions? Call or e-mail Cindy Harvey. Thanks!!

Coffee, Flower Dedication Sign-up Sheets
Please take a look at the Fellowship hour coffee sign-up sheet near the coffee station in Fellowship Hall. Your chance to make lots of people very happy on Sunday mornings! Also, the flower dedication sheet is hanging in the window of the staff office. Sign up now to dedicate blooms in honor, memory or in celebration of a special person, date or ... just because! Flowers may be then taken home after the last Sunday service, or will be brought to someone on our prayer list.

Thank You For Your Support!
The lights are down and the stage is being dismantled. The pots and pans, plates and cups are all stored back in the kitchen cabinets. The Fellowship Hall is in the process of being restored and soon all that will be left is a room full of gratitude.

Thanks to all of you who helped us put on three great shows and many, many wonderful dinners and desserts. Thanks also to all of you who bought a ticket or two, or even a table full of friends. Thanks to all of you who came back to see a second and a third show! Also, our sincere gratitude goes to all of you who took a moment to let us know that you thought the RCLPC Theater was a worthwhile project and you were glad that we were doing it. We really couldn't make this experience happen without you, RCLPC Congregation! We're proud to share the mission donations with you: (without grocery costs subtracted)

Living Waters for the World      $3,892.00
NAMI      $2,055.00
The Diaper Bank of Northern Illinois      $2,270.00

Finally, we need to ask your patience in getting the Fellowship Hall back to normal for a bit longer. After all of the stage pieces are removed, we are planning an additional gift to the church: a thorough carpet cleaning! That will mean scheduling the cleaning date, clearing the room of all furniture, having it cleaned and then waiting some additional days as it dries to set up the tables and coffee maker again. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and your planned activities.

Thanks again so very much!
Steve and Amy Connell

Back to School Time - Blackhawk Presbytery "Kits Challenge"
Each year Blackhawk Presbytery asks the churches of the Presbytery to contribute kits for Church World Service. The simple items can make a world of difference in an ongoing development program or when disaster strikes. We have been challenged to assemble 35 School Kits. Here are three ways you can help RCLPC meet this challenge:

  1. Provide items for the school kits. All items need to be new and in exact sizes and quantities. Please check the gathering place and take a post it note so that we can keep track of the items collected and make sure that we have complete kits:
    • blunt scissors (rounded tip, only)
    • 30-centimeter / 12" rulers
    • hand-held pencil sharpeners
    • large erasers (no pencil cap erasers)
    • new, unsharpened pencils with erasers
    • boxes of 24 crayons (only 24)
  2. Make a donation for kit items and for the $2 per kit shipping fee that Church World Service requests. Please bring items to the collection bins in the gathering place by September 25. Our kits will be delivered to people in need here and around the world. Perhaps children in the flooded areas of the Midwest, or in the earthquake-devastated area of central Italy, or in Syrian refugee camps will use these kits when returning to school.
  3. Assist in assembling the kits during the Sunday School hour on October 8th.
Thank you for any help you can provide for children in these difficult circumstances. Heading off to school with a bag full of new supplies will bring a touch of normalcy to their lives. ~ Mission Team

Scrip Card Orders...
If you would like to order Scrip cards and help raise funds for our PADS lunches, our next order deadlines are... Sunday, Sept. 17th, Sunday, Oct. 15th. If you have any questions please contact Nancy Blakely. Thank you for supporting PADS lunches!

Mission Committee Project - Sunday, October 8
The Mission Committee is requesting volunteers to have a congregational assembly line to assemble school supply bags for Church World Service at 10:00AM on October 8th. A reminder will be sent as we near the date.

Interested in joining the Living Waters team?
If you'd like to learn more about Living Waters, consider signing up for a 5-day course at "Clean Water U" in Oxford, MS, from Sept. 13-17 or October 18-22. Or jump right in! The next trip to Guatemala will be December 1-9. If you are interested in helping with the education portion of the implementation, please contact Cindy Theobald or Lois Johnson. Join us for a life-changing experience as we work together with our partners to bring pure water to the people of La Felicidad.

The CROP Walk has a New Name: McHenry County CROP Hunger Walk
The Church World Service CROP Hunger Walk will again be hosted by RCLPC. The Walk will occur on Sunday, October 1st and will originate from the Crystal Lake Food Pantry. Last year the CROP Teams raised $20,000+. This set a new record for the Walks in Crystal Lake. RCLPC teams raised almost $4,000 of this amount.

An example of how Church World Service may use $20,000 of funds: Seeds, tools, chickens, 4 hand pumps & more for each of 3 villages in Myanmar. The total is about $4,800 per village. Or 4 cisterns in Haiti. Each 6,500 gallon cistern in Haiti costs about $3,700 to construct. A cistern helps to ensure a source of clean water for a community. Or bathrooms for 3 schools in Vietnam. A full set of bathrooms for a school-including separate areas for boys and girls, a space for hand washing and lessons on the importance of good sanitation-costs about $4,400. As an aside: our Mission Group is currently assembling hygiene kits. These kits may go to Vietnam, as CWS is currently working in the rural areas of Vietnam to promote proper sanitation and hygiene.

$5,000 can support the local food pantry. No one should go hungry. Please do Hop on CROP. Be a recruiter, start your own team, join a RCLPC team, donate walk. crophungerwalk.org/mchenrycounty

Amy Connell has made an excellent poster and a table is on display in Fellowship Hall with more facts about the CROP Walk. Thanks so much for your support. The RCLPC CROP Hunger Walk Team

RCLPC Living Waters for the World
Check the RCLPC Living Waters Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rclpclww/ for daily prayer requests and photos. If you "like" the page, you will receive the posts. The RCLPC blog at https://rclpc.wordpress.com/category/rclpc-in-mission/ has daily updates on the health and hygiene education and installation work that was done in Jerez.

Check Out the Fair Trade Cart
In addition to coffee and tea, new arrivals to the fair trade cart are chocolate mint crunch bars and mango and pineapple cashew bars. Thanks for supporting fair trade as a way to affect positive change for farmers in the Global South with our purchases.

Palestinian Olive Oil
We have 750 ml bottles for $20 and 500 ml bottles for $15. Try it with Za'atar (thyme herb mix). Za'atar is $5 a package. Enjoy the delicious taste and the pleasure of helping Palestinian farmers. Look for it in Fellowship Hall near the Fair Trade coffee cart.

Food Pantry Work Schedule 2017
Please mark your calendars: These are all Wednesdays
Sept 20, Oct 25, Nov 29, Dec 27

Calling Cards
A way to share the good news about what's going on at RCLPC are Calling Cards listing church contact information and a sampling of our missions. These cards are available for the congregation. Look for them in holders around the church. Please take a few and hand them out whenever you find an opportunity. ~ Mission Team

Mission Partners
QR code to mission site You will find a directory of Mission Partners in the pew racks. It offers a central place to read about RCLPC's missions and their role in our common life. The directory introduces you to the many ways "we go in grace... to serve God's people in every place life leads us." A digital version of this booklet, including links to our partners' websites, can be found here on our church website - just click on the "Mission Partners" button, or you can scan the QR Code here to view at your convenience. ~ Mission Outreach Ministry

I Gave On-Line
Notice the giving cards in the pew racks? The cards describe the different ways you can give online to RCLPC. They also act as a tangible item to place in the offering plate for those who elect to give online. If you make financial gifts directly to RCLPC by check or cash, you are encouraged to continue. But if online giving is more convenient, please note that you can set up online banking, or go through the church website at www.rclpc.org, or use the QR code. Whichever you choose, please be sure to include your RCLPC contributor number with every gift.

QR Code for On-line giving

On-Line Giving RCLPC now offers an on-line giving opportunity.
Scan the QR Code to take you to our web page to donate on-line at your convenience.
Please use your contributor number in the note box.

Guide to Giving at RCLPC
At Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church (RCLPC), we live in a circle of generosity. Whether it's serving, leading, sharing in fellowship, or placing financial gifts in the offering plate, the evidence is all around us. Time, talents, financial resources all given freely in response to God's gift of grace. Because a new avenue is available for giving to meet financial needs, the variety of ways to give to the General Fund are listed here:

  • Personal checks/cash directly to RCLPC
  • Online banking (billpay) - Your bank sends a check drawn from your funds.
  • Online giving through church website at www.rclpc.org - Click on "Giving to RCLPC" to be directed to the General Fund through our partnership with Presbyterian Mission Exchange.
  • QR code - Readable barcode directs givers to RCLPC's General Fund through Presbyterian Mission Exchange

Using Presbyterian Mission Exchange:

  • A receipt, which you need to keep for tax purposes, will be emailed to you directly by the Exchange. When giving online, direct transfer is preferred.

If you are interested in giving online, look for a how-to handout on the ushers' tables. Contact the church office if you need more information. Whatever way you choose to give, please include your RCLPC contributor number. It serves as your account number. Let's continue the journey in RCLPC's circle of generosity. You are invited to give as you are able. Stewardship and Finance Teams

There are new hearing assistant devices and large print bulletins available to those who may need them. Please ask an usher for assistance.

Outside the double doors and down at the bottom of the stairs from the sanctuary, there are some beanie babies for children to take in with them to worship. There are also some clipboards with coloring pages and crayons attached. We hope that the beanie babies and clipboards will help your children be excited about coming to worship.

Prayer chain requests are now being done through the office. Please call the office at 815-459-1132 or email the request to office@rclpc.org. Please specify whether the request is confidential or can be shared with the congregation.

picture of the churchMany announcements and sign-up opportunities can be found in the Connecting Link, the hallway inside the front glass doors leading to the Fellowship Hall. It serves to connect you with resources and opportunities. Check out the Connecting Link!.

The Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church
8505 Church Street in Ridgefield
Crystal Lake, IL 60012
office@rclpc.org ~ 815.459.1132 ~ www.rclpc.org

Church Office Hours are 9am - 1pm; Monday - Friday