RCLPC in Ministry This Week
Sunday, May 21 - Saturday, May 27


9:30Sounds of Joy Children's Choir

10:00Congregational Meeting

10:00Teacher Appreciation


12:00HS Food for Thought
Tuesday10:00Book Group

11:00Staff Meeting

6:00Living Waters Planning Meeting
Thursday10:00Women's Bible Study


Congregational Meeting Called
Session has called a Congregation Meeting on May 21, 2017 at 10:00am in Fellowship Hall for the purpose of:

  • Elect Ruling Elders
  • Elect Session Youth Elder
  • Elect Deacons
  • Elect Audit Committee Member
  • Elect Nominating Committee Members
  • Elect JCB Endowment Members

Slides for Announcements

Please remember these people in your prayers

for healing and recovery of ongoing health concerns:
Dave Steele's cousin, Rick and his wife Chris; Karl Dencker; Barb Turley; Cheryl Brinks; Bill Morefield; Marge Stewart's son, Thomas; Ann Poremba; Cindy Borre's son, John; Ann Poremba's friend, Barb; Ken Miller; Cindy Borre's friend, Janet Smith & Joan Larkin (Janet's mother); John Fankhauser; Olivia Harrison's granddaughter, Abby; Glenn Bereiter; Carol Hoefer's mother, Edith; Jim Iddings; Jac Kelewae's brother, Gene

Dear RCLPC Friends, I would like to thank everyone for their prayers, concern and support for my grand-daughter Abby. Especially to those who donated to her Go-Fund-Me page. As many of you already know, Abby has E.D.S. (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and with it gastroparesis and is travelling to Milwaukee Children's Hospital to pursue further treatment options. Please keep her in your prayers, Olivia Harrison

for families dealing with difficult life choices:
immigrant detainees and their families

for our troops:
all of our troops and their families

for our friends in Egypt:
Rev. Gendi and Samiha; El Saray Church; Fairhaven School; Rev. Hani Jack and family; Christians and Muslims in community together

Nominees for Deacon, Class of 2020

Cindy Harvey
Cindy grew up in Wisconsin. She was born in Beloit, attended high school in Green Bay and has a B.A. from Carroll College (now Carroll University) in Waukesha. She has always been a Presbyterian; confirmed, college educated, married, and her children are all baptized in the Presbyterian Church. Cindy has been married to Mike for 37 years. They have two grown children, Jessica and Andrew. Jessie is married to Paul, and they have three beautiful daughters, Hannah (5), Molly (3), Phoebe (1), and are expecting another child in November. Andy is married to Amelia, and they have Iris, their quirky cat! Cindy is a homemaker who she enjoys gardening, reading, travel, and attending book group at RCLPC. She also likes attending concerts and theatre performances and playing with her granddaughters. Cindy and Mike found their way to RCLPC when they moved to Crystal Lake four years ago. She Googled PCUSA churches in the Crystal Lake area before they moved and found RCLPC's wonderful website, one of the best church websites she had ever seen! She was intrigued with the description of RCLPC as a Covenant church, did a little research to learn what that meant, and she and Mike decided this was probably going to be their new church home-sight unseen. Their instincts were confirmed after several visits revealed a welcoming, involved congregation with a great music program. Since joining RCLPC, Cindy has been involved in rummage sales, cookie walks, some gardening, the book and Bible study groups, the food pantry, etc. She also filled a 1-1/2 year opening as deacon. She has had the privilege of serving one term as a deacon at Community Presbyterian in Mt. Prospect and two terms at Westminster Presbyterian in Ann Arbor, MI, in addition to the partial term she completed at RCLPC. She's looking forward to being a deacon again and helping to support the emotional and physical needs of the congregation. Her hope for RCLPC is that it continues to be a church that welcomes everyone, wherever they may be along their walk with Jesus Christ.

Laurie Jensen
Laurie grew up in Barrington and has lived in the northwest suburbs her entire life. She was raised in the Catholic faith and attended Catholic grade school. She has worked in retail management for her entire career, and currently works at Carsons at the Spring Hill Mall. Laurie and her husband Bob have two wonderful grown children who grew up with the RCLPC family. Kayleigh (24), and Adam (22) are still seen around RCLPC on occasion. Laurie and Bob were searching for a church community as they settled in McHenry and found themselves drawn to RCLPC because of the inspiring services and welcoming congregation. Over the years, Laurie has been a nursery volunteer, delivered Meals on Wheels, assisted at the Crystal Lake Food Pantry, and was a Sunday School teacher for many years. She has held the role of RCLPC Financial Secretary for several years now. She has not served as an elder Elder or Deacon before, but is ready to serve wherever she is needed. Laurie hopes that RCLPC continues to be a strong, caring community where all are welcome. She hopes for the continuation of the extraordinary mission work that this congregation is involved with, and that we will find ways to reach out into the community to share the awesomeness of RCLPC!!!

Kathy Rabe
Kathy grew up in Prosser, Washington, the same town where her grandfather was born. She attended a great little Presbyterian Church where everyone knew everyone else, and has fond memories of many potluck suppers there. Kathy and her husband, Lou, have raised three wonderful children in Crystal Lake. Their children are now married with great partners and have blessed the familiy with eight grandchildren. Kathy finds great joy in pulling out the heirloom baptismal gown for each baptism. After graduation from Washington State University, Kathy has worked in a variety of businesses as secretary and office manager. She enjoyed her time as the office manager of Crystal Lake Montessori School for 25 years, and is now retired. Kathy is finding retirement to be quite hectic. She is very involved with the Senior Care Volunteer Network and enjoys it very much. Lou's work brought them to Illinois, and Kathy began searching for a church home for the family. She started with RCLPC and never looked any further. She had found their church home; the great little Presbyterian Church, where everyone knew everyone else, and had lots of potluck suppers. Kathy has been a member of RCLPC for over 35 years, and has served in many different capacities. Some of her favorites have been: Sunday School Teacher and Superintendent, Director of Lay Ministries, Elder, Coordinator of Advent by Candlelight, Deacon, and the Book Group. Kathy is currently serving as moderator of the Deacons and is being nominated for a second term. She wants to continue to serve in any capacity that involves people! Kathy wants to see RCLPC continue to care for its members, embrace our diversity, and involve as many as possible in sharing God's love. She hopes that RCLPC will bring love and reconciliation to our community and the world.

Connie Rasmussen
Connie feels that she grew up in a suburb of St. Louis, although she was born in Mt Vernon, IL and did not move until she was in 6th grade. She was confirmed in the Presbyterian Church and for the most part attended Presbyterian churches her whole life. Connie and her husband, Chuck, married 23 years ago and created a wonderful, blended family of five children. Chuck had two boys and a girl, and Connie had a boy and a girl. They are now all adults with children of their own. Connie feels blessed to be grandparents to ten grandchildren. Fortunately, four grandsons live in the area and the remaining spread across the globe. Twin grandsons live in Portland Oregon; two granddaughters live in Australia; and two granddaughters are in college. Connie enjoyed a long career in education and retired in 2006 after 36 years. She spent many years as a teacher, and her last 13 years as a principal of West Elementary School in Crystal Lake. Connie moved to Crystal Lake in 1970 and was invited to a social event called "Pairs and Spares" at this little church in the country!! She has been here ever since. Over the years, Connie has served in many capacities. These included: Session Elder, Christian Education for children and adults, Personnel Committee, Nominating Committee, Assistant Pastor Search Team, as well her current role on the Worship Team and Worship Enhancement Team. Connie serves with joy and passion, and a caring heart. She is always ready to help out wherever help is needed. Connie feels that RCLPC has always been a vibrant active, caring church, and she hopes to see that continue. She hopes to see some further growth in our congregation, particularly with younger families joining. Our congregation of people with many ideas, opinions and creative abilities is one of the things Connie loves and feels that the differences of opinion and ideas are valued and accepted. She hopes that we will continue to be a community of people that listen to each other, and work together for the good of all, following what God is asking us to do as a congregation.

Nominees for Session

Patrick Andrew Cameron, Class of 2020
Patrick made his way to Woodstock after growing up in Gastonia, NC. During his youth, he was a Southern Baptist. During his teen and early adult years, he began questioning his beliefs. Patrick acknowledges being agnostic and sometimes atheist during those times. He now claims to "just being a hippie child of God". Patrick and his wife, Colleen were married at RCLPC, and they decided to start attend that awesome little church they found for their wedding. Their daughter, Amalie was baptized here. Cameron attributes his improved eating habits to his wife and daughter, which is a pretty big deal. Patrick enjoys hanging out with the RCLPC youth and has been very involved with the youth group activities and trips. He also served on the committee to select a youth director; and for a short while, made waves in the baritone section of the choir. Patrick and Colleen are both talented musicians; sharing their gifts with all of us. Patrick is a Software Test Engineer at Siemens Building Technologies. His hope for RCLPC is that it will make one person's life better, and that one person will make two other people's lives better, and those two people will each make two more people's lives better, and those four... Well you get the picture.

Mike Griswold
Where did you grow up / where are you from?
I grew up in Savanna, IL which is on the Mississippi River about half-way between Dubuque and the Quad Cities. We moved to Brownsville, TX my junior year of high school and my parents allowed me to move back up to Savanna and stay with my grandparents while I finished my senior year of high school. I went to junior college in Freeport, IL and then attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Just before I finished college, my family relocated to St. Charles, IL. That is where I lived before moving to Crystal Lake.
What's your religious background (if any)?
My family regularly attended church growing up. We attended the First Presbyterian Church in Savanna, the First Presbyterian Church in Brownsville, and the Fox Valley Presbyterian Church in Geneva.
Tell us about your immediate family.
I am the oldest of four. My sister Lisa lives in Houston, TX with her husband and two kids (ages 6 and 3). My younger brother Mark lives outside Boulder, CO and my youngest brother Ryan lives with my parents in St Charles. Maggie and I have two girls, Anna (6) and Hazel (2) who both keep us very busy.
What do you do? or what is your job?
My educational background is in physics and electrical engineering. I currently work for Zurich which is a commercial insurance carrier and do business process improvement and internal consulting work. Prior to Zurich, I worked at Motorola in various functions.
How did you find your way to RCLPC?
I was still attending the Fox Valley Presbyterian Church though I was living in Crystal Lake. Maggie and I decided after having kids that we needed to find a church closer to home. Since Maggie grew up in the Methodist Church and I grew up in the Presbyterian Church we looked into both in Crystal Lake. We really liked how friendly and inviting everyone was while we were visiting RCLPC and that was the deciding factor for us in selecting RCLPC.
In what ways have you been involved at RCLPC?
I have been singing in the choir and have done the Sunday school gathering a few times.
Have you ever served as an elder or deacon before? Where?
I have not served as an elder or deacon.
Is there any particular area you'd like to work in?
No preference
What are your hopes and dreams for RCLPC?
I hope the church can continue to be friendly and inviting and that it can find opportunities for member growth.

Laurie Pohl, Class of 2020
Laurie was born and raised Presbyterian, and her grandfather was a Presbyterian minister. She has lived in several cities in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, growing up in Deerfield and moving to Palatine in high school. Her parents moved to McHenry while Laurie was in college and they started attending all the Presbyterian churches in the area. They immediately fell in love with RCLPC. Laurie felt right at home because everyone was so warm and welcoming. She met her husband, Rick, here at RCLPC, and they have been married now for almost 37 years. They have two grown daughters, Kate and Emily, who are both married, and one beautiful granddaughter, Serena. Laurie recently retired as a special education teacher with Crystal Lake school district #47 and is very involved with a Professional Women's group. Over the years at RCLPC, Laurie has served in many ways. She has been a Sunday school teacher, a member of the choir, part of the adult education committee, an adult education facilitator, and a deacon. The caring nature of the congregation continues to draw Laurie and she has a special interest in reaching out to the community and building on the caring aspects of RCLPC. Laurie hopes that RCLPC will continue to grow and become more visible within the community, so that others will find the warm, welcoming, and caring family that she found.

Rylan Sanders, Youth Elder Class of 2018
Rylan has always lived in Crystal Lake and been part of the RCLPC family. He was baptized here, and was recently confirmed. Rylan lives at home with his parents and his two brothers and a sister; his older brother is in away in college now. Rylan participates in youth group events and volunteers with projects at RCLPC. He particularly enjoys the Annual Youth Christmas Clearing House volunteer project and helping out with Vacation Bible School. He really enjoys his math and engineering classes at school. He is on the math team and in science Olympiad. Ryan really likes the RCLP community. After high school he plans on attending college to study engineering. Rylan would like to support the youth ministry in his role on session. He hopes that RCLPC will continue helping people and that our church community will grow.

Pam Palmer, Class of 2020

Notice from the Building and Grounds
This past week we passed our final county building and zoning inspection for our furnace and air conditioning unit replacement project. During a routine annual inspection of our 8 furnaces, it was discovered that our four oldest furnaces, all 1989 vintage, and the furnace serving the connecting link had cracks in their heat exchangers. It was decided to replace rather than repair these five furnaces and the oldest air conditioning unit, also a 1989 vintage. This was because the work on the plenum chamber would have to be done twice if we waited for failure to replace this air conditioning unit serving the office area. Of course, high-efficiency units were chosen for this to lower operating costs, and we can expect lower costs due to technology improvements. Our church received a memorial gift from the Meyers family many years ago, and that bequest covered this unscheduled maintenance cost of $25,000. We are grateful for this generous gift from the Meyers.

Reduce, Reuse, Less Recyclables
To help us be more responsible stewards of our paper usage and to cut down on our recycling, hard copies of the bulletin inserts will no longer be printed for each worship bulletin. For visitors and those of you who would prefer to have a printed insert in hand, a handful of printed announcements will be made available on the tables outside the entrances to the sanctuary. Feel free to take one with you, or please leave behind to share after you have read them. Announcements can also be found here on-line, in the weekly email, and on the monitor inside the Connecting Link.

tulips Earth Care Opportunities
Celebrate the glory of God's creation as we are surrounded by springtime beauty! Choose the Earth Care Team button from the home page of rclpc.org to see what's new this spring. You'll find Community Recycling Opportunities, new green living tips, information about upcoming Green Wednesday programs, and more.

High School Mission Trip Fundraiser
The Wall of Money fundraiser is up and ready for donations. This easy and fun fundraiser hopes to generate big results; $2,485 to be exact. Please drop in Fellowship Hall between now and June 12, choose an envelope or two, follow the instructions and feel free to Email or call Raechel Sowa with questions. Save the Date: June 25 at 10AM to hear all about our trip.

Sunday School News
It has been a great year in Sunday school and it has flown by. We thank you for sharing your children with us on Sunday mornings. The teachers and youth leaders have truly enjoyed getting to know the children of RCLPC and watching them grow and learn about God's amazing love. On May 21st at 10:00 in Fellowship Hall, please join us as we celebrate our teachers and youth leaders with a Teacher Appreciation Reception after the conclusion of the Congregational Meeting. There will be no Sunday school classes on that day. The last day for Sunday school is on June 4, 2017. Sunday school will resume in the fall. Stay tuned for information to follow about the exciting programs that will be offered in the fall. Vacation Bible School, "Hero Central", is planned for June 12-16 and we hope families will plan to attend.

Let's Honor Our Graduates
On June 4 will be honoring our graduates, Chase Ray, Deanna Palmer, Julia Newman, Ryan Lilly, Marin Lilly and Nate Zacher and we need your help. Please take a moment to write your wishes or memories to each of our 6 high school graduates in the journals provided on the sign-up desk. We are hoping these journals find their way to their dorm room and serve as a reminder of the love their RCLPC family has for them.

Hero Central -- Vacation Bible School (June 12th-16th)
This year kids will have a chance to soar at Hero Central. They will get to enjoy learning about bible heroes, learning new songs, playing energizing games, taking on hero missions, experimenting with science and eating super hero snacks. Please save the dates; more information will follow.

Sounds of Joy Children's Choir
Sounds of Joy Children's Choir, meant for children age 3 through grade 5, meets each Sunday from 9:30-10:00am. An usher will escort children to the choir room after WEe Worship during the 9:00 service.

Don't Keep God's Promises a Secret ... Spill the Beans!
The Christian Education Team is excited to announce that Spill the Beans will be our new curriculum for our Sunday school this year. This curriculum follows the narrative lectionary which is the guide for our weekly worship time (Pastor John and the worship team uses Spill the Beans too). The Spill the Beans Resource team believes, "story is the lifeblood of faith. In story we can tell the truth and speak with honesty about things for which there are not yet words. Story contains mystery and is the poetry that forms faith. Stories grow as we grow and can reveal new truths at different times in our lives. So we believe giving stories to people is one of the most important things we can do in sharing our faith. Our culture is stored in story. The same is true for our faith." It is our hope by learning the story in worship together and then building on that lesson in our classrooms, parents will be able to continue the conversation at home. Check it out: Spill the Beans.

Change of Leadership for RCLPC Men's Group
At the last meeting of the RCLPC Men's Group, we had a change of leadership. Chris Pickett and Fred Neuschel turned over the leadership to Rick Pohl and James Bauman.

RCLPC 1+ Options Group Outing to Lindy's Landing
Wednesday, May 31 at 11:30am. Meet at Lindy's Landing for lunch at 115 Park St., Wauconda, IL 60084. Call Sue Neuschel to reserve your space and if you wish to car pool from RCLPC.

Coffee, Flower Dedication Sign-up Sheets
Please take a look at the Fellowship hour coffee sign-up sheet near the coffee station in Fellowship Hall. Your chance to make lots of people very happy on Sunday mornings! Also, the flower dedication sheet for 2016 is hanging in the hallway across from the lounge. Sign up now to dedicate blooms in honor, memory or in celebration of a special person, date or ... just because! Flowers may be then taken home after the last Sunday service, or will be brought to someone on our prayer list.

Fiesta Agua Viva
Fiesta Agua Viva was a great success in raising the funds to continue RCLPC's mission to bring pure, safe water to the people of Guatemala. We are so grateful for the efforts of the congregation. You helped in a variety of ways, you came to the event, and you donated to Living Waters. Your generosity and that of friends from the community will purchase the water purification system for La Felicidad, plus two storage tanks, 100 five-gallon bottles, a sink, plumbing supplies, tools, and the Spanish-language manual for the operating system. That is an enormous step along the way to funding this new partnership with the people of La Felicidad. For our partners there, it will mean clean water for a generation. Muchas gracias!

Check Out the Fair Trade Cart
In addition to coffee and tea, new arrivals to the fair trade cart are chocolate mint crunch bars and mango and pineapple cashew bars. Thanks for supporting fair trade as a way to affect positive change for farmers in the Global South with our purchases.

Palestinian Olive Oil
We have 750 ml bottles for $20 and 500 ml bottles for $15. Try it with Za'atar (thyme herb mix). Za'atar is $5 a package. Enjoy the delicious taste and the pleasure of helping Palestinian farmers. Look for it in Fellowship Hall near the Fair Trade coffee cart.

SCRIP Gift Cards
Have you ever ordered Scrip cards? If you have, thank you and if you have not please try it out and see how you like it. It is so easy and every order helps our PADS lunches. Order forms are in the Connecting Link. Fill this out along with a check to RCLPC and Scrip written on the Memo line. Place them in the Scrip mailbox (near the front door, down the stairs) and we will let you know by e-mail when they have arrived. It usually will take about 2 weeks to receive them. We place orders once a month and the dates they are due should be on the Mission bulletin board. Next deadline date to order by... June 18. If you have any questions please contact Nancy Blakely. Thank you for supporting PADS lunches!

RCLPC Living Waters for the World
Check the RCLPC Living Waters Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rclpclww/ for daily prayer requests and photos. If you "like" the page, you will receive the posts. The RCLPC blog at https://rclpc.wordpress.com/category/rclpc-in-mission/ has daily updates on the health and hygiene education and installation work that was done in Jerez.

Food Pantry Work Schedule 2017
Please mark your calendars: These are all Wednesdays
May 24, June 21, July 26, August 16, Sept 20, Oct 25, Nov 29, Dec 27

Calling Cards
A way to share the good news about what's going on at RCLPC are Calling Cards listing church contact information and a sampling of our missions. These cards are available for the congregation. Look for them in holders around the church. Please take a few and hand them out whenever you find an opportunity. ~ Mission Team

Mission Partners
QR code to mission site You will find a directory of Mission Partners in the pew racks. It offers a central place to read about RCLPC's missions and their role in our common life. The directory introduces you to the many ways "we go in grace... to serve God's people in every place life leads us." A digital version of this booklet, including links to our partners' websites, can be found here on our church website - just click on the "Mission Partners" button, or you can scan the QR Code here to view at your convenience. ~ Mission Outreach Ministry

I Gave On-Line
Notice the giving cards in the pew racks? The cards describe the different ways you can give online to RCLPC. They also act as a tangible item to place in the offering plate for those who elect to give online. If you make financial gifts directly to RCLPC by check or cash, you are encouraged to continue. But if online giving is more convenient, please note that you can set up online banking, or go through the church website at www.rclpc.org, or use the QR code. Whichever you choose, please be sure to include your RCLPC contributor number with every gift.

QR Code for On-line giving

On-Line Giving RCLPC now offers an on-line giving opportunity.
Scan the QR Code to take you to our web page to donate on-line at your convenience.
Please use your contributor number in the note box.

Guide to Giving at RCLPC
At Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church (RCLPC), we live in a circle of generosity. Whether it's serving, leading, sharing in fellowship, or placing financial gifts in the offering plate, the evidence is all around us. Time, talents, financial resources all given freely in response to God's gift of grace. Because a new avenue is available for giving to meet financial needs, the variety of ways to give to the General Fund are listed here:

  • Personal checks/cash directly to RCLPC
  • Online banking (billpay) - Your bank sends a check drawn from your funds.
  • Online giving through church website at www.rclpc.org - Click on "Giving to RCLPC" to be directed to the General Fund through our partnership with Presbyterian Mission Exchange.
  • QR code - Readable barcode directs givers to RCLPC's General Fund through Presbyterian Mission Exchange

Using Presbyterian Mission Exchange:

  • A receipt, which you need to keep for tax purposes, will be emailed to you directly by the Exchange. When giving online, direct transfer is preferred.

If you are interested in giving online, look for a how-to handout on the ushers' tables. Contact the church office if you need more information. Whatever way you choose to give, please include your RCLPC contributor number. It serves as your account number. Let's continue the journey in RCLPC's circle of generosity. You are invited to give as you are able. Stewardship and Finance Teams

There are new hearing assistant devices and large print bulletins available to those who may need them. Please ask an usher for assistance.

Outside the double doors and down at the bottom of the stairs from the sanctuary, there are some beanie babies for children to take in with them to worship. There are also some clipboards with coloring pages and crayons attached. We hope that the beanie babies and clipboards will help your children be excited about coming to worship.

Prayer chain requests are now being done through the office. Please call the office at 815-459-1132 or email the request to office@rclpc.org. Please specify whether the request is confidential or can be shared with the congregation.

picture of the churchMany announcements and sign-up opportunities can be found in the Connecting Link, the hallway inside the front glass doors leading to the Fellowship Hall. It serves to connect you with resources and opportunities. Check out the Connecting Link!.

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