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Your Final Report on the Nazaire Family

THANK YOU, Ann and friends at Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church  

Thank you for your generous sponsorship of the Nazaire family. Guirlene graduated from  the program against a backdrop unlike any other in recent years. Haiti is still experiencing  heightened insecurity, kidnappings and violence. In addition, a long drought on Lagonav  Island threatened gardens and livestock.  

Despite these immense challenges, the Nazaire family went from being among the very  poorest families in their communities to being a family that can provide for themselves and  help their neighbors too. Today they live in a sturdy, dignified home, have access to clean  drinking water and a sanitary latrine, and can afford to pay school fees for their children.  Hunger, illness, and isolation — constant companions in the past — are a distant memory.  Their lives are forever changed, thanks to your generous sponsorship.  

Your generosity and solidarity with the Nazaire family has transformed the trajectory of their lives, giving them the opportunity to earn a dignified living and provide for their children and themselves long  after they graduate. If you have any questions about this final report, please call or write to me anytime.  Thank you again for your generosity, your care, and your concern for vulnerable children and families. I  am grateful!