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Lent 2023

About The Theme

This Lent you are invited to Live and Love Generously.  You are invited to Ask yourself what you want people to do for you; then grab the initiative and do it for them! Luke 6:31 (The Message).  This season we are using a PCUSA curriculum titled Love God, Neighbor, Enemy.  The foundational essay for this work, written by MaryAnn McKibben Dana, says this: Loving God, neighbor, and enemy with our whole selves is not easy, but it may be some of the most important work we do. It is fitting to grapple with the possibilities and challenges of love in a season that mirrors Jesus’ own time in the wilderness. After his forty days of testing and struggle, Jesus emerged ready for a robust and fruitful ministry. So, hopefully, we emerge from our explorations stronger and more prepared for the difficult work of ministry. The world needs our love of God, neighbor, and enemy as much as it ever has. We might never be tested to the utmost limits of love, but even if we are not, we are still called to fulfill whatever works of love lie before us, and to do so with courage, mercy, and extravagant love.

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