Living Waters Update
January 12, 2023

water System in Guatemala - Living WatersOur Living Waters team will soon send three different groups to Guatemala to make
sustainability visits to each of our five partners.

In early February, our members Fred, Chris, Rick and Lois will work with in-country staff
members Rubenia and new tech Pablo Maldonado at churches in two locations, the cities
of Jerez and La Felicidad. Both churches’ water committees have made plans to improve
their water rooms in hopes of attaining a sanitary license. The church in La Felicidad,
Ciudad de Refugio, celebrated their 5th anniversary as a water project on December 7th.
Fred and Chris will help them remodel their water room to meet the required standards.

In late February, Sarah, Jac, Mary, Beth, and Jim will travel to Santiago Atitlán and La
Fragua. Staff members Pablo Pérez and Luis will accompany them to these newer
projects. Luis, Jac, and Jim will train the new operators in each location.

And in March, Cindy, David, and Karl will visit our installation site in El Chico. They will
replace a pump and check on the solar energy source.