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Letter from Sofia

Hello church members, I hope you are very well.

This message is to tell you everything that this semester has been like for me. First I want to tell you that I had not been able to write to you because I don’t have much free time. This semester has been very demanding but I’m doing well, thanks be to God.

My subjects require a lot of time, and independent study and exams are of a very high standard. Besides, we also have extracurricular activities. For example, one time I went to a health day in a neighborhood in Medellin called Moravia, where primary health care was provided. I learned a lot there. Also last Friday I went to the university hospital, which is called Alma Mater Hospital of Antioquia Leon XIII or HAMA for its acronym. We visited a patient there and examined him to recognize and relate terms and pathologies we had learned about in class. In neurology we learned about morphology practices, with preparations of the central nervous system. I was very excited and happy.

More than half of the semester has already passed, and I think I’m doing very well.  This semester ends on December 7, so there is still a long way to go. I miss my parents a lot since I haven’t seen them since I came here, but they are in good health, and I speak with them on a video call every day.

I also wanted to thank you for continuing to support me, thanks to you I can continue studying without having financial worries and that is a giant help.

God bless you,


Update from Loren!

We have received photos from Loren's class experiences. She won 1st place with her robot project!

Update from Sofia!

In the lab photo Sophia is closest to the table. She really is enjoying her coursework and all of her experiences!

Update on Colombian University Student

Sofía Gomez has completed her first semester of the study of medicine at the University of Antioquia with a grade point average of 4.2 out of 5.0 which the university considers outstanding.   She thanks us for our support and says that the amount we have been sending, $350 per month, will be sufficient for the second semester.  She does have the added expense of paying for 4 of 5 required vaccinations but because of her good grades, she will receive her lunches for free.  Regular donations to the Care for Children Overseas/Colombia account will be needed to continue our support.  Thank you for anything you can do.

Financial Support

We are grateful for the continued offerings of financial support, which arrive via mail and online daily.

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