Letter from Sofia

Hi Ms. Ann and church members! 

I hope you all are okay!  I apologize for not writing until now, but I have been very busy with homework and exams.  I want to tell you that I am very happy and content. My mother was able to travel and came to accompany me for a week. She left last Monday to return to Apartadó.  At the University everything is going very well. I have a class which is called Prehospital Care, in which I learn about primary health care and first aid. That makes me very happy since it is a great approach to what my career will be.  I have been struggling to learn many biochemical terms. It has been difficult for me to find an efficient study method, but I already had an appointment with a teacher from the university, and she gave me some tips to manage my time and be more efficient and productive in my study in order to earn good grades.

The photos that I am sending you are in a hospital called Fundación San Vicente, a beautiful property which does not look like a hospital because it has a beautiful infrastructure and has many trees and green areas. There, in the middle of the hospital, I go to classes every day.  I thank you again, deeply, for your support. It helps me a lot, and it is a great motivation to keep going to meet my goals. Because of the length of time that you have helped me, I am sure that we share the same goals.  God bless you. I will be commenting on more things soon.

Update from Loren!

We have received photos from Loren's class experiences. She won 1st place with her robot project!

Update from Sofia!

In the lab photo Sophia is closest to the table. She really is enjoying her coursework and all of her experiences!