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Pastor John Dillon

What We Believe

An open letter from Pastor John Dillon

Dear Friends,

The most common questions I am asked are:

  • Who are RCLPC?
  • What do you believe?
    What does Presbyterian mean?
  • What is the Presbyterian position on X, Y or Z?
  • Are you progressive or conservative, left or right, open or closed, affirming or exclusionary?


I usually start by saying, “that is a very complex topic, which I can’t hope to do justice to in a few words or minutes.” However, the questions keep on coming because people are seeking answers, comfort, support, truth.

So here goes…

RCLPC is a worshipping, working community who, as best we can in our worship, words and actions offer the Good News of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

We strive to be authentic and creative in the spiritual practices of prayer, worship and sacrament.

We seek to offer Christ-centered practical support, mutual encouragement, challenge and inspiration to one another.

We are motivated by our shared commitment to Jesus Christ and the Biblical proclamation of a just and generous new order. We try to learn from each other by sharing and respecting our own experience of life, and faith, and we work together on many tasks, addressing many issues.

Some are moved to follow Christ’s teaching through activism, others through volunteerism. Hopefully, all are moved to living out their faith in their daily life.

We are committed to ongoing dialogue and learning, and to prayer and action, within our fellowship and beyond.

We strive to respect all people, irrespective of age, race, gender, religion, political viewpoint, sexuality, ability, or health status.

Ours is a common task. Through our Presbyterian structures all members have the opportunity to share in leadership and in policy-making, and we are committed to extending full participation to all.

We aim to be fully transparent and accountable for our use of money, and to operate with ethical codes of conduct and to care for creation.

We all come with baggage depending on our life experience and believe that, together with the power of the Spirit, we can learn to live together according to the Creator’s plans for a “Kingdom on Earth”.

Presbyterians sometimes call our denomination a “Big Tent Church” — indicating our commitment to diversity and respect of a variety of viewpoints. While the majority shall rule, the minority shall be respected and taken into account. We may not always succeed but we try to get along.

Listed below you will find some keys points. Please forgive the breadth, length and depth but as I said, “that is a very complex topic, which I can’t hope to do justice to in a few words or minutes.”

More detailed accounts of our official consensus positions can be found on the Presbyterian Church (USA) Social Issues page.

A full copy of the Book of Order and other documents may be found at the Presbyterian Church (USA) site.

Pastor John