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Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church

8505 Church Street (in Ridgefield)
Crystal Lake, IL 60012
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Baptisim bowl

Our Mission Statement

We gather in grace, connected by a sense of place and purpose with generations of faithful servant-leaders who journeyed before us. We seek to open our hearts as we open our doors – with room for everyone – and to open all our senses to God’s life-affirming, life-changing presence through creative and diverse worship.

We grow in grace, not because we know all the answers – or even all the questions – but because we are drawn to God’s word and Christ’s example. We seek to be Christ’s family here and now – to embrace each other as we are, to nurture who we might become, to celebrate with one another in good times and encourage one another in hard times, to listen and learn and lead.

We go in grace, challenged and strengthened by the Spirit to do God’s work and show God’s love in the world. We seek to look beyond our walls and beyond ourselves – to see God’s image in every face, and to serve God’s people in every place life leads us.

The journey continues in an ever-widening circle of grace.

Rainbow Bench at RCLPC

The bench was a gift from the Compassion, Peace and Justice group (CPJ), and is intended as a tangible sign of welcome to RCLPC, where, as our Mission Statement expresses it, “We seek to open our hearts as we open our doors – with room for everyone.”

We strive to be a House of Worship for all peoples, regardless of race, nationality, political persuasion, socio-economic status, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Our Statement and Call to Action from the Covenant Network of Presbyterians can be found here.