What is a STAR WORD?

star word iconWhat is a STAR WORD? The use of star words, also called “star gifts,” is a prayer practice connected to Epiphany and the new year that has been growing in popularity in Protestant churches for nearly a decade now.

There Are Several Theological Statements Being Made in this Tradition.

1. The Magi followed a star, which ultimately led them to Jesus. Therefore, we too use all
the resources we have available to us—including creative prayer practices and intention
words for the new year—to move closer to Jesus.

2. We trust that God uses multiple ways to guide us and speak to us. Star words are one
such lens that might provide us a way to look for God in our midst, both actively and in

3. We trust that it is often easy to miss God in our daily midst. Having an intention word
to consider both in present days, as well as to reflect on at the end of the year, allows
for us to see God in ways we may not have seen God before. This is the greatest gift.

4. We know that the most common prayer practice for many involves speaking to God as
opposed to silence or contemplation. We believe that star words invite a new prayer
rhythm of reflection and review that can be a powerful new way to connect with God.

5. By not looking or sorting through the star words at their selection, we practice the
spiritual task of receiving. It is not we who are in control in this moment. Instead, we
trust that God is present, and we let go of our desire to cultivate or control.

If you received your STAR WORD this past Sunday, place it somewhere you will see it
on a regular basis and use it to connect with God. Why did God choose for you to
receive that word? If you did not receive your STAR WORD and would like one, contact Raechel (raechels@rclpc.org).